Authentic Native American Handmade Crafts

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Authentic Handmade Native American Crafts
We have available various handmade authentic Native American craft items including earrings, chokers, keyfobs, drumsticks, quirts, spiritbags, and dreamcatchers. Some items are beaded, others are woven horsehair, others use leather. Many of these items are stunning examples of quality handmade craftsmanship. Look through the various items available. If you see an item you like and it is still available, contact us. Be sure to include the item #. Please remember that we are not always able to get an item displayed as it may have been claimed by someone else before we receive your request. Many times we can request a similar item from the craftsman. Please be patient with us.
All designs on ALL crafts are copyrighted designs owned by the artists. All photos on this site are copyrighted and owned by the artists and Barefoot Creations, LLC. Photos of crafts were taken by: Marina Robertson, Lori Neeb, Brigitte Thimiakis, or Dominique Larrede.  Please do not copy or distribute the photos of the crafts unless used specifically for the purpose of selecting or ordering an item from this website.

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